January 2001

A small deviation from the normal...

To My Dear Soulmate:

My heart longs for your presence. I do not know you, yet I feel your pull. How long must I pour out my soul, my essence, to the cold, cruel ground -whisper it to the senseless grass -lift my head above the wind and wish to fly embraced by your love? I am slowly dying in this mire of defeat...my dreams cannot for long sustain me. Where are you? My soul cries for you...I need to feel your touch, I need to feel your tender breath as you caress my burning heart.

I know that you are of the sea...the ocean winds speak to me of you. I rise above the earth...I can almost see the beautiful slopes of Fuji-san in the distance -and I can almost see your horizon. Are you conscious of my existence? Can you feel my will? Tell me...come to me...I will hold you...I will comfort you and be yours.

Until you reveal yourself, I will immerse my spirit in the sweet waters of the sea...I will wait for you patiently...I will wait until the end of time.




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