January 2001

Hi, my name is Lauren. Since this is my first column, let me introduce my self. I am a 13-year-old lesbian in Southern Delaware, attend high school, and am in the band, choir and thespians. At this point, you may be wondering if I am open or closeted. Well, I just came out to my parents and friends a few months ago. For those of you who say that 13 is too young, maybe for some people it is, but I have been attracted to girls all my life. I write... a lot. I also write for the local newspaper in the "Gay Letters" section. If you were looking for something along the lines of something of a rant, well here it is.

You know what I would really like to see, a gay character on television. I know what you're saying, "Oh, there is one." No, I don't like to see "Look at me I am a big flamboyant fan of interior decorating and Madonna," and not, "I'm a big bulldyke who is going to get what's coming to me." And not a special coming out episode. Just two researched girls or guys. This is Stephanie and this is her girlfriend, and just get on with it. Not much harm in hoping, eh?


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