January 2001

Hello all you beautiful people. I don't really have a clear focus this month, so I'm just going to ramble on my thoughts. If anyone has any great ideas for topics send them to me *HINT HINT my email is at the bottom*.

Ok, I was just rereading Harry Potter, and I have finally figured out what should happen. Harry ends chasing after the Asian girl (her name isn't important right now... e.g. I forgot it) and realizes his true love for Ron... well, maybe not. My friend came up with a whole bunch of different endings, she also thinks that Harry will marry Ron's little sister, that would be really strange. For some reason she also tried planning out my life too, apparently I am going to marry Keith Haring (living? Ah, not important), Rudy Galindo, or Vanyel (no, reality isn't a criteria either).

Ok, yesterday and today I've been having fun experimenting with hair bleach. I never used to be able to bleach my hair, because it was about 14 inches long, but now that it's short it will grow out quickly and I won't have to live with it very long if I don't like it. I went from a medium brown to almost white, so basically my hair is fried now, and looks strange, but I'm having fun. Today I was wearing it spiked (and for anyone who knows me, spiked is not a usual style that I wear) with a nice light powdery blue hair mascara in the front. I must admit that it looked rather strange, but it was fun and that's really all that counts for me.

I have absolutely no problem making a fool out of myself, such as my hair, and other things. A few days ago, I was trying to cheer up my friend who was feeling depressed. I took her out and we hit 3 different toy stores and bought cheap fun little toys, like balls and things. I had to go to the Airport to pick up my brother, so in the spirit of having fun I blew bubbles the whole time in the San Francisco International Airport. It was great fun, and we were both laughing the whole time.

Getting lost in San Francisco can be a fun occurrence, especially when wandering through the Castro (the gay district) to try and find the right place. We were looking for the Randall Museum, and first we couldn't figure out how to get there on MUNI, and then we went in the wrong direction. We were just trying to get to a teen Shakespeare thing, but we kept on getting distracted by all of the fun shops and things. We finally did end up in the correct place, fashionably late, but it really was an example of "getting there is half of the fun." I made my friends spend a few minutes in the shop Don't Panic. It's a really funny shop, check out their web page at www.dontpanic.com, they have fun(ny) stuff.

Well, I haven't really said much this month, but these are just a few examples of the stranger things that I do. I possibly will have a more serious topic next month, unless I still don't have any ideas, and then it will be more fun things, or whatever pops out of my head first. Write me at mordoc2000@hotmail.com or my AIM screen name is Mordoc13, I really am a nice guy, and fun to talk to.


Mordoc is a gay 17 y/o living in the San Francisco Bay Area trying to do well in his senior year and get into college.

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