January 2001

Well I said if I had anything to say I'd say it here, so here I am to say it. Over the last couple months I've gone through some changes, I found out that yet more of my friends are lesbians (bi as they call themselves). I matured and am much less childish, I'm doing well in school and so I guess life is at one of those slightly elevated bumps called a high point. So now I'm fearing the quick drop to depression and chaos. So, to what I had to say...

HOMOPHOBIA... it is everywhere! Why is it that you can't make fun of someone black, asian, hispanic..... (not that you should) but it's ok to tear gays apart? Like TV for instance, almost every show has a gay character that they make fun of, and he fits the stereotype and sets up a bad image. I am even more disappointed in society lately, I had been thinking they're getting there, getting past homophobia and then a bullshit show like Normal, Ohio that is so offensive to me... how everyone including himself make fun of him and gays. And so now we are a joke, I guess. And everyone loves it. The other night my step-father said, "Hey, let's watch that faggot show, you know were Dan from Roseanne plays that queer." It's dumb if there's laws against saying nigger (and these laws should be here) (sorry if I offend any one) on TV and radio that why can you say faggot or queer? And if you said that in school, you'd get in a lot of trouble but its ok for students to say faggot and queer, and pick on gays. Hell, even the teachers do it. In 7th grade my gym teacher said that, "if there are any faggots in the class they should go down to the office and tell them that, and that there should be laws that fags should have to register as them and were something so guys know to avoid the queers" and the class laughed at it. And, of course, who will say anything, the only one will care enough to report him is probably gay and wont risk reporting it so they don't get called gay or get outed. And in school during health we learned all about Straight sex but nothing about being gay. The only mention of homosexuality was a quick statement about them carrying AIDS. That shit really pisses me off.

And know I'm a hypocrite but what the hell is wrong with people? They are sooooooo shallow. I know no one's dream man or woman is fat or ugly and everyone wants some one pretty but is that all that matters? Everyone likes and wants good looks but don't be soo proud of it, don't go announcing and flaunting that you wont even be friends with some overweight or who isn't gorgeous.... chances are you aren't so great yourself. I was reading last month's article and was very disgusted by how someone wrote a whole paragraph on how they won't date anyone ugly that if they ever met someone with a great personality but wasn't good looking, they wouldn't date him. Who the hell do you think you are? Grow up. Oh and that he said if he was going out with anyone he'd probably cheat on them. Oh well, guess what? If you want looks and personality don't matter chances are he's an ass like you and will cheat too. Probably some kid w/ a silver spoon stuck in his ass, hmmm sounds kinky! Well anyway, before that he said he only like people. like himself. Maybe I'm misinterpreting, I don't know. I kind of skimmed the article because it was stupid shallow B.S. and quite boring too. Not that mine isn't boring, as I already said, I could be a hypocrite.

See you, Take care. If you have anything negitive to say DONT BOTHER, don't waste your time or mine. Not that you reply to anything anyway, most of u didnt B$, like u will now HA. oh well just in case

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