Two Songs by Digniterry


Here's the read
And don't you doubt it
It's the truth
But can you handle it?
He ain't a punk
But he likes
To get his dick wet
He was straight
Until me and him met

You damn bitch
You just mad cause
He doesn't want you
Trick bitch...
Why don't you get

A damn clue
Don't be hatin' me
Cause I'm gay and free
You just mad
Cause you know
You'll never have me
Yo' mans fuckin' me
Aint gotta worry 'bout no babies
And last week
He bought me a Mercedes
He likes the booty
I clamp it real tight
Learn how to throw it
He might stay at home at night

And to the niggas
Who try to be hardcore
You be the main ones
Knockin - at my door
Out in public
You act like you hate me
But late at night
You be tryin' to get up in me
Or even flip flop
The hardest niggas
Like to get they ass popped
You wouldn't know it
'Cause ya'll think there's
A pro-file
Straight sex
Is so out of style
I hate to be the one
To tell all you lad-ies
He wants to get his nut
Without makin' bab-ies
And be aware
If yo' man got a long one
'Cause we can take it
Without any prob-lum
And he knows this
So get over it
You'll get it
When I get through with it

And to society
Whose always oppressed us
You' created us
And we will rise
That's a fact you can trust
We have played the role
Got seats in Congress
Yes, we're there
A little too late to stress
I'm the Rosa Parks
Of the zero zeros
One of the
Black gay heros
And Black people
You really need to get a hint
'Cause we were freed
By a gay president
If you take the time
To analize history
You'll realize
You should be indebted to me
But its all good
'Cause I'm havin' me a good time
With you man and yo' lover
Un, it should be a crime



Wash yo ass
Shitty Bottom
Wash yo ass
Shitty bottom
Fleet. The fleet.
It only cost a dollar

Form of a mud duck

It - don't
Make no sense
Let me commence
Shitty - shitty
Need a good rinse
Ain't got no job
Steals and robs
Lives on the chat line
Says he's fine
Lies - lies - lies - lies
Jealous of me
'Cause I get all the guys
Says he's not
But can see it in his eyes
What do ya get
For all those tricks
Teeth all cracked
From suckin bad dick
Doin' all you can
To get a little loot
Fallin' in stores
Tryin' to get a law suit

I - smell
Shit on my dick
Don't make no sense
Fleet only cost a
Dollar and five cents
While layin on
Your back
You got too relaxed
You let it all go
Messed up my flow
Paint - paint - paint - paint
In a past life
Were you good with a brush
You seem pretty good
At this stuff
All I see
Brown spots on my feet
Don't sniff that rush
Squirt that fleet
Spittin up mud
Can't take no dick
What did you eat
It's makin' me sick

It - don't
Make no sense
Livin' in suspense
Regrettin what you did
In past tense
Undercover fem
At every orgy
Everybody knows him
Hi - hi -hi -hi
Inside the club
Did a flip and a split
Big ole queen
You need to quit
Low class trick
What cha doin' in the dark
Dirt on your knees
Fuckin in the park
Nasty as hell
Came to the club
Should have danced
With the rub a dub dub


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