With You In My Arms

By Chance, S1mulation@aol.com

Music and cigarette smoke swirled around my head, the jarring beat pouring from an open window behind me. I took a long drag of my cigarette. I glanced at you, kneeling by my chair on a porch where you were obviously freezing. You looked adorable in my sweater, which is ten times too big for you - but you don't seem to notice. So we sit like that, with your hand playfully running the length of my thigh. I sigh, and smile, finally content with you and the world. You laugh.

"What's so funny?" I ask, with a hint of humor in my voice.

"Nothing - I just notice you smiling like that a lot."

"And how am I smiling?"

"Like a clown." I playfully got offended, crossing my arms and turning away from you. With your touch on my cheek, I flipped around again, and suddenly, your soft lips were on mine, and all hope of resistance was lost. "At least you're a cute clown."

"I'm happy. You make me happy." I kissed you again - my lips craved yours like a junkie craves their next hit.

You sat on my lap, and I took another drag of my cigarette. You grabbed it from me and put it out, curling up into me, kissing me so I can't protest. It's evil of you, but I need you more than the nicotine. I was so lonely before I met you. I had hit a brick wall in my life, and couldn't move past it. Then you swept me away, and I haven't looked back. I was lost in my thoughts, but you won't let me be. It's cute, and I know it. All I want to do is to stay right here, on this cold porch, cuddling with you.

"I'm cold - come inside with me..." you say, distracting me from answering honestly with a kiss.

"Honey, I need another cigarette. You go, have a good time, I'll come inside in a minute." You give me the look, and then start to laugh. It's so cute; I ignore the guilt trip and follow you in.

Some rock song comes on the stereo, and you go jumping into the living room with a battle cry. I watch you for a moment, laughing - at my own good luck. I take a seat on a chair to watch you, but you plop down on my lap and kiss me. I wonder if you know how much I love your kiss. You're not normally this loving - but tonight you want to remind me of why we're here. We want to be together, but we want to still be able to have friends. That's why we're here, in the house of someone I used to be acquaintances, watching all of my friends make out with various people. I wrap you up in my arms - there's nothing that makes me happier. With you in my arms, nothing can go wrong.

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