February 2001


Well since last time I wrote literally nothing has happened in my life. I party hard on the weekends and work all week at a go-nowhere job. Sounds fulfilling, I know....

Broken Toys and Faded Colors

Broken Toys and Faded Colors, the name of a song that I hear a street busker sing every Saturday night on my walk home from the gay bar that I go to. Now i never really herd the whole song (due to my impaired state) but I do hear the title, and for some reason this last week I started to think about my old toys from when I was little, it is true they break and the colors fade, however i guess the same could be said about life too I guess.... Just though I would mention that because i found it interesting.

Boys Boys and More Boys

Lately I have been seeing all kinds of nice gay boys around the city and it has got me thinking about settling down again.... into a relationship.( I just said the "R" word) I think it has been long enough since the messy break-up of my last relationship (AKA: Fuckhead). I think I am ready for it. Now all I have to do is find someone who will like me for who I am and all that stuff.... blah blah blah..... If This sounds like you, send me some email, I do respond to it all!

Family Bliss

My sister phoned me the other day, she is getting married! I am so happy for her. And, as well, I get to give her away, that should be quite the event..... I'll give ya's more details on that next month.

Well I hate to keep this article short, it is late and I need sleep. I will however write a huge assed one for next month explaining a lot of stuff.



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