February 2001

Hey everyone, this is my first story for Oasis! Anyway, it'll probably be a tad long. Even though I'm only writing on two subjects. Anyway, I hope to be a repeat writer.


It seems that everyone wants it, nobody has it, and everyone agrees you shouldn't need it. But we do. And that sucks. So what does anyone do about it? CAN we do anything about it? There are people who say they came out and poof, end of story. Others were traumatized for a long time afterward. And it seems that it is all over the same thing. Some people can accept others for whatever they are and others only want an exact duplicate of themselves. So we try to push through the morons who can't accept us and hang out with the ones who do. What do people do when NO ONE accepts them, even their family? I haven't had to deal with it, but I imagine it is one of the leading causes of suicide amongst GLBT people. I haven't actually looked at anything about it, so if that seems kind of obvious, I'm sorry. Or maybe I'm not. I don't need your acceptance... heh.

Anyway, why do we let other people control our lives? We worry about how we look, what we are doing, what we are saying. Some of us even obsess about it. I know every time I think I just said something stupid I turn beet red. I hate beets, heh. But when you think back, how many times can you remember that someone said something stupid? I'll bet you can remember a handful within the past week or maybe two, and maybe one or two past that and only because it was something REALLY stupid and someone told everyone or razzed them for saying it. Because of the fact that they didn't accept what the person was trying to say. Heh, I'd find it funny if people honestly didn't accept what I say in this article.

Gay Boy Scouts

I am a member of several Yahoo! Clubs, and one of interest is called Gay Boy Scouts, simple name. We of course often speak of the subject in general and someone brought up the facts that only USA is really concerned about this. But, to show the other side to, the way I understand it BSA was told by half of its supporters that if you ban gays, we'll revoke and if you don't, well revoke from the other side. So, they chose the way that would leave them with the most monetary support and banned them. As a scout myself, I can comment that AT NO TIME have I ever heard a speech or gone to a program where they said gays are evil, nor is it in any law, oath, or pledge. And I've heard from no one that they have done so.



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