February 2001

How many of you out there are tired of hearing the words "not normal"? How many of you think that you are normal? No! How many of you out there KNOW that you are normal? I do and so does my boyfriend. We have been dating openly since the second week that we were together. Like I said before I have been out for over six months now. He has been out for a month now. Unlike me he had someone there who had gone through it before. Someone who could be there for emotional support. Someone who could help protect him. Someone he could run to at the end of the day for comfort and support. That was something I would have loved to have. Now to my point. How many of you out there have heard the phrase that gay people are not "normal"?

First, let's look at what "normal" is. Normal is one simple thing really. What the majority of people think is "right" or "wrong." When you get right down to it the people who commit murder think that they are right. The people who rape children think that they are right. They think that they are doing nothing wrong. Answer me true. Are there other people out there who think the same way? Yes there are. Well the only thing that keeps them from having there way is the fact that the majority thinks that it is wrong. Don't get me wrong, because I do to. Now what do the majority of people think about gay people? They think that we are not "normal". Just because of what we are. The way we are....is it evil? Wrong? Unjust? Immoral? I don't think so and hopefully neither do you. What is the difference between homosexuals and heterosexuals? One thing really. 1) We seek emotional and sexual fulfillment with those of the same gender. So what's the big deal? I mean, we have one minor difference. So who's normal now? We are the same in every way except for that one minor fact.

Now what about that old "gay agenda", and the "gay lifestyle" thing? What exactly is the "gay agenda" or "gay lifestyle"? Got me. I have no idea. In reality, there is no such thing as a "gay agenda" or a "gay lifestyle". Homosexuals want the same things in life that heterosexuals want. We want a nice home, a good car, a successful career, maybe a condo on the beach, and a loving and caring life partner. So I ask my favorite question of this article. What's the big deal? What exactly is it that heterosexuals have against us? I think I may have an idea. Don't go getting all "you're wrong" on me. This is just my theory.

I think that it may be boiled down to one simple fact. Men seeing men and women seeing women doing to the same sex what they were taught that only the opposite sex should do seems to have an anathema affect on them. They don't really hate us. They're afraid that being around us will magically make them the way we are. They're simply afraid. We represent the exact opposite of what they were taught. We are what they were taught was unnatural. I myself wouldn't come out to my parents. I would not have at all if not for the fact that the way they found out was by reading my journal. Then after that I came out at school. It was big relief. I felt as if a great weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I still feel that way, but there are a lot of hardships that come with that freedom. You have to face almost daily the taunts and jeers of your peers. (Hey that rhymes!) Excuse my poor attempt at humor. Just to let you know...your as normal as your classmates....I mean none of us are exactly the same. So in that case how can any of us be "normal"?



P.S.- I would like to dedicate this article to my good friends Jack and Jeff. They have seen me through a lot in the past six months and have been there for me in ways that no one else could. I have gotten many of my ideals and beliefs from them, and I have taken strength from their courage and love. Thanks guys. You mean the world to me.

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