February 2001

The curtain rises as the house lights dim. A lone figure steps out of the shadows and bows.

Hello, welcome to my lecture on "The Absurdities of the Gay Community." Now, by no means am I an expert or professional on the topic, and I do not claim to be. I am merely a rather keen observer of the culture and of the modern trends that that community is displaying. In particular, there is one highly controversial topic that I'd like to discuss. Namely, Eminem.

First off, I'd like to say that I absolutely adore Eminem. Yes, that sounds strange coming from a lesbian whose attitude should be one of revilement and disgust towards the "fag-hating white cracker". Well, eviscerate me for being a fan. The other day I was watching MTV, and I happened to see a show about the controversy surrounding Em's lyrics. There were notable gay figures and feminist figures all saying their two pence about how Eminem is really trying to get young boys to go out and beat up fags and women. That is so sick. How can MTV air this kind of show and say that they support musicians? It's almost like back-stabbing Eminem. Em's lyrics aren't physically hurting anyone. Why blame him if someone goes out and happens to kill a gay person? (Personally, the Chipmunks Christmas Album makes me feel particularly homicidal. But I don't see major controversy about that coming up any time soon.)

He catches a lot of crap just because he happens to say something that is not "politically correct." So what? I also happen to love Marilyn Manson. Why is the gay community hating on Em and not Marilyn? Oh yeah, Marilyn isn't gay-bashing in his songs. He's just cop-bashing, life-bashing, etc. Oh who cares? Both of them are making music that is awesome. Just because Eminem happens to say "fag" on his album doesn't mean that he's always using it in the sense of "homosexual."

I guess it's just that I live in Tennessee, so I hear the word "fag" used pretty often by itty-bitty kids. I don't think that the people using it actually mean "homosexual". It's just another word. Just like "nigger" is just a word that people use. I've even heard black people use "nigger" in reference to themselves. It's not like they're actually saying, "oh, you African-American descendent of a slave." And y'know, the word "faggot" actually means a piece of wood. These words used to mean different things. So don't give me that crap that "oh, Eminem is really subconsciously saying that homosexuals deserve to be killed" and "faggot means 'gay male', so you shouldn't say it." Get a grip: "faggot" means "a piece of wood", "gay" means "happy", and "queer" means strange.

For crying out loud, Em even says that he wants to kill his girlfriend on the album, but I really don't think that he means it literally. You forget the real purpose of music: to express the dangerous elements, the not-politically-correct, the taboo, even, emotions of the soul. And is censorship the answer? NO! Gay people would have a fit if Melissa Etheridge was censored simply because she's a lesbian. But would they have a fit if they censored her because maybe she said "I hate straight people" on an album (that's just "theoretically speaking")? I don't believe that gay people would agree with censorship. So why are so many prominent gay leaders calling for censorship as an answer? Isn't that something that we are fighting against anyway? Isn't equality important? It is the crux of our arguments for gay rights. It is absurd to want to censor anything! Anyway, that's just my opinion. So shoot me.

Well, I hope I haven't seriously offended anyone. I really didn't mean to. I'm just saying that it seems hypocritical for the gay community to support censoring Eminem just because some homosexuals find his lyrics unsuitable. We, of all people, should understand what it feels like to be "politically incorrect." Yes, I support Eminem. Yes, I am gay. No, I'm not a traitor to "the cause." I just know what I like to listen to.

The lone figure bows again to the empty auditorium as the curtains close and the lights come back on.


"Sometimes I just feel like my father

I hate to be bothered with all of this nonsense.

It's constant and "Oh, it's his lyrical content"

The song "Guilty Conscience" has gotten such rotten responses.

And all of this controversy circles me

And it seems like the media immediately

Points a finger at me...

So I point one back at 'em but not the index or pinky or the ring or the thumb.

It's the one you put up when you don't give a f*** when you won't just put up with bulls*** they pull..."

from "The Way I Am" (Eminem)



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