February 2001


Once upon a time there was a black guy who was proud of his sexuality. He had a nice circle of friends, loved his job, and tried to find a guy to love. Then the black guy grew up.

The black guy who was proud of his sexuality met a fairy who wasn't what she seemed. She brought discord and lying to the nice circle of friends which split them up. The job the black guy loved became a heavy weight since it distracted from his true calling. The guys that the black guy loved turned out to be frogs that caused him to sink into a pit of despair and confusion. The black guy stopped being proud of his sexuality and tried to repress it under lairs of illusions belonging to a beast called the heterosexual.

The black guy, who was now using illusions to hide his sexuality, gained a new wilder circle of friends that brought out his popular party animal side. The black guy also got two jobs to make up for the evil fairy's manipulations. Then he cared less (it seemed) for guys and explored the ideas of the heterosexual.

The illusions seem to work on the black guy who now hid his sexuality in a box. He put a smile on his face and partied with his wild friends. He seemed content with the women he met.

Then one day, he met a guy who caught his attention. The guy made the black guy feel really happy. He actually smiled and a little bit of his illusions dropped. After hanging with this guy, the black guy let more and more of his illusions drop. Sadly, the guy was another of the frogs.

The cracks in the illusions continued and caused the black guy to question where his backbone went. Who was this guy who let his nonsense go on? So the black guy became confused (but not so confused he didn't kick the evil fairy to the curb).

Then a night came when a magical party full of magicmakers, lights shaped like sticks, and colorful people attracted the black guy and his wild circle of friends. There the black guy met a pair of guys who were what they seemed. In the hours following, a kiss was given to the black guy by one of the guys (who was VERY comfortable and proud of his sexuality). The kiss confused the black guy a little, but it became clear when the last of the illusions left totally.

The black guy became proud of his sexuality again. He also worked at making his jobs fun. Finally, the black guy made good trustworthy friends among his wild circle.

And he lived happier than he...I have in months.

LaTorre (who's happy to finally write on his column again)

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