February 2001

Really friends?

Are these people really my friends? That is the question I have been asking myself lately. Being an open lesbian in her freshman year of high school, it is really hard to answer this question with a reasonable answer.

Let me give you an example.

One day, my 'friend' was really friendly and chummy to me. She said. "Hi Lauren, how are you today?" The next day she said, "Shut up and don't look at me you damn dyke."

Maybe she was jealous. Maybe she is gay herself. She could be a homophobic idiot. I think that the homophobic idiot is the number one candidate.

It makes me think that I should be careful about displaying my sexuality. Subtle about being gay. I don't like to hide myself for the comfort of somebody's beliefs. (Not talking about religion, I am a fairly devout Christian myself.) Her best friend said, "Jen, come on it doesn't matter. There is nothing wrong with being gay." Jen said the following; "What are you, a faggot?"

Until we are taught at a very young age that homosexuality is OK, I honestly think that gay rights campaigns are useless.

Not much harm in hoping, eh?

Chasing rainbows



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