February 2001

Last Month

Sorry to everyone for not getting an article in for last month. By the time I got done with finals and Christmas shopping and everything else, it was way past the deadline, so I decided to spare trying to send one in.

Winter Vacation

Well, for vacation this year I went to North Carolina and went Snowboarding. I had such a good time, and I didn't even get hurt that bad! We had a lot of good snow while we were there. I went right after New Years, so they had good, cheap student rates. I must say I did pretty damn good for never trying it before. And by the way, I never realized how many really cute guys snowboarded and skied!!

Religious Wackos are at it Again!!

Well, not only are the religious groups trying to get Miami's Gay Rights protection removed from its anti-discrimination policy, now another group, called Center for Reclaiming America, is trying to do something similar in Broward County, which is where Fort Lauderdale is. In Broward they are using the excuse of the Boy Scouts. They are seeking to modify Broward's charter to overturn gay rights ordinances or to exempt nonprofit groups like the Boy Scouts from complying with the laws. This is the same group who was involved in a "cure" for homosexuality ad that ran nationally in 1998. I agree to some extent that it is bad to withhold money from the Boy Scouts, but I don't feel this is the way to go about changing that. This entire situation is making the gay community look like the bad guys. All we want is to stop all forms of discrimination.

So, are you gay??

Well, just the other day I was driving with this kid I work with and have known for a long time. He was doing the usual straight boy thing and commenting on every girl he saw....I hate that by the way! Anyway, he then said to me, "You know, I just thought of something. As long as I have known you you have never had a girlfriend or hung around many girls." I hardly ever hung around this kid, so he really never saw me out anywhere, but he was kind of right. So he went on to say, "Can I ask you a serious question?" So I knew exactly what was coming! "I promise I won't tell anyone, but are you gay?" So, what do I do....do I come clean and tell all, or do I lie, or do I quickly change the subject. Well, I hate to lie, so I tried to change the subject to some Porsche that was driving by us, but he caught me and asked again. So I started asking why it was important, and he said it wasn't but he was just curious. I even made some crack about him wanting a date with me or something. Well, I never just said yes, but I certainly didn't say no, so I am sure he now knows. So now I have been thinking. Now I wish I had just said yes and got it over. Now I am thinking that I should start telling friends. I mean if this kid now knows, and I don't even consider him a close friend, maybe it is time to start letting the cat out of the bag. If you guys and girls reading this have any suggestions, please let me know. Also, let me know how you went about telling friends. I told my parents in a letter which was easy, but I don't think a letter works with friends, especially friends who you've never wrote letters to in the past. So please email me and help me out.

That's all Folks

Well, that's about all I have for this month. Make sure everyone out there who has Cable watches Queer as Folk Sunday nights on Showtime. It's a pretty good show.

Please email me at: tyler4us@hotmail.com Until next month....See ya'

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