Jonathan's Envelope

by Josephine, EmbezzledEmotion@hotmail.com

I wanted to send you an envelope of rain
So you would know what I was going through
But they said it would never get to you
I wanted to send you some posies in a dream
So you could dream like me
But they said it couldn't be done
I wanted to send you someone to love
So you could feel it, and never be lonely
But they said, doesn't matter, we are all ultimately alone

Well, I thought I'd try to send that envelope anyway
Late yesterday
And I told my self to send those posies
But I know you'll say you never got either
I guess they were right
So I never tried to send you someone to love
Cuz I didn't want to be wrong again
I didn't want us to always be alone
At least not someone like you

I just wish you could get the envelope
Cuz I put some tears in there too
Just so you could know
What I was going through

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