I wanna be free so bad

By Patty Savol, BluePhnx83@aol.com

I wanna live out my dreams,
I wanna take what the world gives me,
And mold it into the perfect life, for me.

I wanna reach for the stars,
And pull them down,
Put them in your eyes.

I wanna feel you next to me,
And I wanna stop living this lie,
Living without you.

I wanna hide under the covers,
And beneath your arms,
In the warmth I never knew.

I wanna wrap myself in something,
Maybe a blanket made of wool,
A sheet made of cotton.

I wanna be free from the lie that I live,
Telling myself I don't love you,
That I am perfectly fine without you.

I need to learn so bad,
How to tell you these things,
and how to show you what I have.

God, I just want to be free........

I wanna be able to yell out,
"No, i am not like you mom!"
I want to stop hiding in the dark.

I want to yell out
"Yes, I am a lesbian!",
But it seems like i am locked in the closet.

Dear Love,
I only want one thing,
To be free, and out of the dark.

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