March 2001

Hey people. It's been like 2 months or so since I wrote my last article. Joy... I really don't have much to say this month, surprisingly.

Hmmm....Being part of the GLBT community is hard for a lot of people. They get teased, beaten, killed, threatened, etc. by ignorant (meaning non-informed) prejudiced people. We should be safe inside our own worlds, so to speak, but instead we get hurt in them. We are "protected" by the 'don't ask don't tell' shit, but in reality, that's not really true. People are bound to find out, and once that happens, if people don't accept it, your world gets turned upside down. My own father doesn't agree with my being bi, he'd rather not face the fact that his daughter likes chicks too. But that doesn't matter, I've never liked my dad.

Hmmm...Lets see...Why be open about something that's just going to hurt you?? I've never understood that. I mean I'm somewhat open about being bi, but not totally, I'm afraid. Because of hate crimes and nonacceptance. Stupid huh?? Everyone has a right to be themselves, right??

Anyway, I think I'm going to go now!! See you next month!!!

Love, luck, and lollipops,


Feel free to comment on the article, like there's really much to comment on, huh?? But oh well!!!

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