Sam Barnhouse

March 2001

Greetings all! I am going to finish my ongoing story, and then I will talk about my subject of the month.

Well, September 2000. This is the month that I moved to Dallas, and it is also the month that I am most looking forward to. Well. I lived at my Aunt's house in Dallas for about a week, helping her around the house and such. After this, I moved to my Aunt's house out here in Campbell. I have been working around the house doing the dishes, taking care of her kids, etc. In return, she has graciously allowed me to stay, and not charged me rent or utilities. The local school has hired me in as a substitute teacher. I am currently looking for a more stable job, but no such luck yet.

I am currently steamed at an ex-Uncle of mine. He is manipulating his kids to hate me and fear what I am. Just two weeks before the day that I am writing this, my youngest cousin wanted to emulate me. The day after he told me, he went to his father's house for two weeks, and then came back to my Aunt's. He then told his Mom that he has caught me 'staring' at him. Also, he has been treating me like the plague recently. The list goes on and on, suffice it to say that I have been thinking about contacting GLAAD for assistance.

Well, on to my topic: Underage relationships. There is a person in the school here that is 16 years old. I am not going to divulge his name, because that would instantly give away this information to anyone who knows him. I believe that he is gay, however, I do not want to ruin our friendship, so I have not asked him about it. I know men that are much older than I am that are going out with men just barely older than me (I am 19 by the way). While this young man at the school is barely three years younger than me, I am forbidden to even have a crush on him, tell him that I do, or even if I do, engage in ANY kind of relationship with him, because of the law. It is very depressing. I have seen him glancing in my direction, and I am sure he has caught me glancing in his direction. I want to talk to him about life, however, as I mentioned earlier, I do not want to destroy our friendship. If anyone else has had any experience in such matters, I would love some input. Please feel free to email me.

Well, after last month's article, I thought that I would keep it short and sweet. This is going to be all for this month. I will have to think long and hard about next month's article, but it is a safe bet it will be something about family and politics. If anyone has any suggestions for topics, please feel free to email me. I love to receive input from others.


Sam Barnhouse


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