March 2001

There is NO such thing as Gay or Straight. So why am I gay? And why are you Straight?

This is a question I've been pondering every since I first thought about sex. I'm sure many other people have as well! Well... I think I have an answer to our question. We have all wanted to know.... Well.... Here is our answer. I hope this little "note to self" achieves three things. One I hope that we all come away realizing that ANY label placed on anything is nothing but an illusion. I also hope that these thoughts.... which are really all of our thoughts, can help us realize that we are all that there is! I hope this answers the question that you were looking to get answered. That's why you reading this at the perfect time in your life. This is YOUR "answer".


To fully appreciate what you going to read is this man-uscript. You must first know a couple of things about human history and where we are now. I'm not going to go too far in depth in this subject because there are authors and material that specialize in telling our TRUE human history and I believe that they can relay specific information much better than I can do, for relaying this specific information is their chosen life work. What I will do is give you a step-by-step overview of how we got to this point of labels and limitations that has kept us quite literally asleep.

In the beginning...

Where do humans come from? I'm going to leave that specific question up to you to decide because that's a separate journey you'll have to take and I feel if I get to specific about this that it will take away from the point I'm trying to get across to you guys. But I will tell you this. We were CREATED at a point in "time". Whether God did it or Aliens did it is irrelevant to the point. I'll leave that one for your brain. Also we were created with no limits, and no boundaries. That is the way of the universe. All is all. What is above, so is below. Also while the "Human" experience has a perceived point in time. Life and we are infinite. That's right folks. As Ms. Lauryn Hill put it. "Everything is Everything"! I know you're thinking that this tidbit of info is all good and dandy but what's the point? Well...The point is that everything is all fine and dandy as long we remember that we are everything and everything is we. But what happens when we forget that? Or to more accurately put it, we are made to forget...I'll tell you what usually happens...

Good...Bad. Hot...Cold. Love...Evil. Bert...Ernie. NASCAR...Ballet.

That's right folks...When we forget that we are EVERYTHING...what we THINK that we are not becomes the "enemy". I mean how could we not think that. We are inherently everything that there is. So it's natural to think that there can be nothing that we are not and what we are not is naturally perceived as "bad" or "the wrong way". Let me give you a nutshell...(no pun intended) analogy. You have a Dictionary or a Thesaurus, well...picture that each word was actually a distinct experience and aspect of life. Now picture yourself actually walking through the pages of that dictionary. Going through and living the definition of each word and phrase and not just reading them and having the ability to jump from page to page at will. Well that's the ILLUSION of life we have been led to believe. Now hold that dictionary in your hand. Flip the page and read whatever definition you want out of it just because you want to learn it and for no other reason. That's what life REALLY is. You are everything because everything is all that there is. This is not a bad or good thing. It is just "what is". For if you REMEMBERED that you knew everything that there is to know...and your are everything that there is and even EVERYTHING that is all an illusion because there is only love and love is all there is. If this happened the game would be in effect over. So how did love (you can say God if you want) solve this? It HAD to create life if he wanted to experience herself. So it's very OK and necessary to "forget" that we are everything. That's a natural progression of life in the universe. What happened to us is that we were led to "forget" that we had only just "forgotten" whom we really are. There is much more information available that will expand on the point I'm trying to make that I will provide starter list of things and books to ponder towards the end of this man-uscript for you to make up your own mind. But for now...whether you believe in this or not.... humor me and assume that this is the way it could be...

The Point

2+2 makes 4... 1.3475 + 3.4724 makes a mess.

Ok...now let's get to the point. Where do Straight Muthafuckas and Fags come from? First let me say this. If you put a bucket of cold water in the tub and then throw a bucket of warm water in it, at first as most of you know you will have a muddle of cold and hot pockets trying to find a balance. The "hot" molecules are going to seek out the "cold" and try to balance everything out, and vice versa. Well let's flip the script for a second, let's pretend that we are water molecules and "Hot" is feminine energy and "Cold" is masculine energy. I bet ya see where I'm going with this...Well YOU DON'T so shut up and keep reading...lol. As I was saying.... HOT is FEM. and COLD is MASC. (((NOTICE THAT I DID NOT SAY THAT HOT IS PUSSY AND COLD IS A BIG FAT DICK! WHAT'S BETWEEN YOUR LEGS IS TOTALLY IRRELEVENT! More on that later.)))) Well.... naturally.... As we learned in the 5th grade...all things try to create equilibrium. I don't care if to find that balance it just creates a lukewarm puddle of water or a big bad tornado. LIFE will always try to balance itself out no matter what. This is all that we are trying to do. Just balance ourselves out a little bit. But as humans tend to do.... We can't leave well enough alone. We have to make things harder ::wink:: than they have to be...

Humans-"Why am I sooo goddamn wet!"
Life-" Well, did you look up?"
Humans- "Oh." "Your right! It must be the flying pigs spitting on me!"

Instead of just making life about life and taking energy from life itself. We found a way of manipulating our two distinct yet connected life energies and made it a commodity and a way to "control". How do you do that I bet you ask. Well first you make whatever people you want to have control over forget that they have just forgotten who they are. In other words, don't just erase the chalkboard; you'll still be able to kinda see the math. You have to wash the chalkboard also. Presto! You have a clean slate. Second, you tell them whatever you want them to here and make them think that they chose it and came up with the ideas that your chalk wrote on the board. After that. Tell them whatever you want. But there is a problem. When that chalkboard dries.... you can sometimes see a little bit of what was written on it the first time. This creates quite a conflict. You have written on the chalkboard "we are not everything". But the people can still see just a tad bit of what used to say that we are everything. So now the people are in a predicament. They see that you have written that we are not everything. But they then try to base it on the hidden knowledge that we are everything. So they just come you the simplest conclusion. Everything that we have been told that we are is. Because we are everything, right? This is why for instance someone who likes ballet cannot usually fathom why someone could like rap music. And someone who is straight...

Eww! You're a faggot! Eww! You like fish!

Whatever is not us we tend to think is "bad" unless of course we have been told that it isn't by the folks that tell us how to think. And no one side is guilty of doing this. Us "gay" folk are just as guilty as "straight" folk for creating the rift that we must endure today.

OK! Get back to your point!

Back to the point Being "Gay" or "Straight" is just us trying to make Ying equal to Yang. As I foreshadowed earlier. Ying doesn't necessarily have to have a Penis and Yang doesn't necessarily have to have a Vagina. That is very irrelevant. That's like saying it matters if you have blue or black eyes. As I said. We have forgotten how to take in infinite energy from around us. So we have no other choice but to take finite human generated energy. We take whatever form we think we need. Masc. if we need to balance out the Fem and Fem if we need to balance out the Masc.

So and....that still doesn't explain the gay str8 thing.

Well... we have been told to associate feminine energy to a Vagina and Masculine energy to a Penis. Therefore when we come up with whatever shortage of energy.... we go looking for that penis or vagina. We feel that that's the only place that we can get it from and when you really think about it...that makes NO sense. That's just like saying Blue eyed folks only have fem energy and Black-eyed folks only have masc. energy. It just makes no sense at all. But if we believe it...It will seem to be true because the "mind" is a very creative, powerful thing. I mean the world DID used to be flat. Right?

We all need a deep dicking and some pussy every now and again!

I believe a truly evolved individual loves everyone. Receives energy from life so therefore has no need to take unbalanced energy from humans. Has no limitation, and sex is like a handshake. Anytime we limit ourselves, we aren't being ourselves. If your name was Tom Brensidlichedhl and someone took an i out of your name.... than that wouldn't be your name now would it. Until we realize and let ourselves be capable of being the highest so called "good" and the greatest so called "evil". We can never begin to be who we are. And that is LOVE. UNbridled, UNconditional LOVE with no limits. This is when we will truly fly. We must Re-member that life is about what is good for EVERYONE. Not him or her.... EVERYONE! For that is all that there is!

You think this might be A ANSWER TO ONE OF OUR GREATEST HUMAN QUESTIONS? Then look into it and evolve your heart some more!

Or do you think this is nowhere near the truth? You can't accept this bullshit! Ask yourself one question then...

Why Not?

Love with Gum Drops and Hair Grease!

Antonio Bonds

P.S. By the way. If you haven't realized yet, you can plug in whatever you want for "gay" and "straight" and this little note is still a valid point!

You can contact me at tbo17@yahoo.com and lonencincy88@aol.com. Please send any mail or any questions you may have to both addys at the same time please! Love ya!

Do what you will with this info non-commercially. Just keep it in one piece!

For the Mario Bros. Rebellion...

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Sitchin, Zecharia

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Any old classic fairy tale classic such as the Neverending Story and The Adventures of Alice and Wonderland. Truth is EVERYWHERE.... that's how it is hidden so well!

I could go on and on with suggested reading and viewing material. But in the end YOU have to decide what's right for YOU. Just listen to yourself! You'll know.

"What is Above, So is Below."

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