March 2001

Are you Gay?

Well, if you remember my last month's article I told you about a friend who popped the questions so to speak. Well, since that time he has not said anything else about it. And every time I see him at work he doesn't act any different then he did, so I would say things must be okay with him. Now, however, there is another person at my work asking me if I am gay. I don't think he would have a problem with me being gay, but I don't know if he would tell anyone else. A lot of people at my work tend to joke that I am gay, mostly because I have never had a girlfriend, nor do I drool all over the girls when I am at work like they do. This guy actually said to me once that he just wanted to know if I was gay or not and that if I was he would have people stop saying stuff about me. Personally, I really don't care what people say or think about me.

Pride Fest 2001

This past weekend, Feb 24-25, was Pride Fest in Fort Lauderdale. This year, instead of holding it at an outdoor park like they normally do, it was held at the Convention Center. They also added seminars and speakers and stuff. I really wanted to go, but unfortunately I was sick! Maybe next year.

Spring Break

I am heading down to lovely, tropical Key West this year for Spring Break. I am dragging along a friend of mine. I will have all the details, or lack of them, next month. I also made reservations for Gay Days at Disney in June....I can't wait, its going to be SO much fun.

Sorry for being so short this month. I am SO busy with school right now, I almost didn't write anything at all. If anyone would like to email me, I would love to hear from you! tyler4us@hotmail.com

See ya,


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