Letter from the Editor -- March 2001

Is this year moving amazingly fast or is it just the short February month playing tricks on me?

Anyway, the new Oasis is here and there's a lot of great stuff inside. Lot of people sharing some interesting thigns in the columns, and I really think the cover subjects are two amazingly great guys. I just met them as they torw through San Francisco on a book tour, but they are just such genuinely nice people, I hope you find something in their story.

One thing you won't find in here is any coverage about GLAAD and Eminem and the Grammies. Everyone has opinions on the whole Elton John singing with Eminem thing, but the histrionics about it are too much for me and I don't want to add anything to the debate. Although, when I bought the Eminem pay-pre-view the other weekend, I wasn't too impressed, I was hoping he would be as interesting visually as he is lyrically. But he's not.

If he really wants to make a statement, I think he should perform a song in white briefs and nothing else while teenaged drag queens write fag all over his body in lipstick. But walking around the stage in a white T-shirt and jeans grabbing his dick... yawn.

Redesign moving along, it really is! I'm not just saying that.




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