New Personals Site Helps The Gay And Lesbian Community Find Love Online

SocialPlus.com Inc., the leading ASP provider of customized, vertically focused online Singles communities, has just launched "SocialOut.com" for the Gay and Lesbian online population.

Reasons are clear-"The gay and lesbian Net population in the U.S. is expected to increase from 8 million in 2001 to 11 million by 2005, and from 9.2 million to 17.1 million worldwide", according to market-research firm Computer Economics of Carlsbad, Calif.

"Gays and lesbians tend to have higher disposable incomes than heterosexuals, and they log on more frequently and for greater periods. And they spend more money online than any other demographic group", according to market researcher Greenfield Online of Wilton, Conn.

Since launching the SocialPlus' network of vertical community dating/personals sites in January of 2000, the SocialPlus Network( has already attracted over 5,000 Gay and Lesbian active members through its existing websites.

"Launching www.SocialOut.com was just a logical extension of our growing network of member focused sites. The Gay and Lesbian online population has demonstrated that they want to meet others with similar interests. They want relationships where geography poses no barriers." Niv Bleich, CEO of SocialPlus.Com, Inc.

As part of a Valentine's Day promotion, SocialOut has developed unique banners for Partners and Affiliates with animated graphics that are aimed at driving dotcom partners' membership to the Personals links. Also, SocialOut will offer "3 FREE clicks" for new members so they can "test drive" the Personals experience.

"We are targeting grass roots publications, gay community sites, and the gay portal and search engines as a conduit to gay and lesbians online." Gord Gower, Director-SocialOut.com

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