By Robert D. Ambrose, IAMUSNA721@aol.com

Traveling of Times
Endless days of countless hours,
Events without ends in a place far,
Looking back and longing for eternity.
Upon these dreams words my fly abroad,
Traveling the course of uncharted future,
Experiences extreme as the oceans depth.
Feeling of layered tarnish polished away,
All these things heard but not seen,
Laughing at the unknown depths of the world.
Looking straight into the eyes of the answers,
Overseeing, past the key, but still searching.
The one true thing that nobody has,
The sight of the sound; feel of the emerald,
All the same when the difference is seen.
The path is worn and hidden in the unknown,
Waiting to be found by all that searches.
Just find the one and the only, the path is taken,
Search for something else and you will surly find it,
By the tree of the past still growing for the future.
Caution to those there chartering the unknown,
Seeking destiny in those who are a mystery but true.

Whispering Winds
Whispering winds of solemn truth,
Against all the clocks of time.
Valleys of death and rivers of life,
Through heavens of earth may this rest.
On a day it come and it will happen,
The best may receive and the worst will witness.
The passages read once before never been forgotten,
Remembered in the heart and when shown,
The mind belonging to the soul,
Traveling the distances that it will run.
Following after the voice of truth,
Evil may be after but not near.
Stop and the burning my commence,
Only to be blown away by the solemn air.
All created for the same of the whispering winds,
Unspoken words and dreams that follow,
All given life to those who wait.
Once long ago the year not counted,
The Master did appear, and never did he follow,
His own path He did travel, many to be lured.
Past of the future the futures of the past.
All will belong to those who believe.
Once given never to be retaken,
The path is set as long as you embrace the truth.

Day at End
One in morning
The fire is burning
Lit long before
The couple
Conversing by the warmth
Cuddled together
Scent in the air
All being magical
The cold winter night
Being them closer

In a land far off
Flowers bloom
Endless amount
Wild life prosper
Deer wonder
Animals enjoy
Grounds wild
Explored by nature
Sun high above
Grass green as emerald
Sky blue as dreams
Water clear as vision
Perfection is close
But yet man still exits.

That Feeling Inside
Side by side we walk,
Hands intertwined,
Fingers like basket weave,
The sway of our walk says it all.

Sight of our eyes,
Look in our expressions,
That feeling that we only hear of,
Four letters as in love.

Boys like you only hear of,
But has it happened so close?
Do you feel it too, deep inside?
The beat of you heart.

Rumble in the stomach,
Warm fuzzy feeling all within,
Just the thought of your words,
The touch of your hand.

Smile on your face,
Brings one only to mine.
That great feeling inside,
Are you feeling it too?

Wave of the Future
The sun rises and we are too,
Watching it glow I see it well,
It dances across your glistening face,
Making me look at you and fall.

I think to myself how wonderful,
That we are together at this time,
May our love always be with us,
As we make out journey to sea.

Traveling to the endless horizon,
I see a reflection down there,
Our goal is waiting to be caught,
Jump, swim, ride the wave.

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