Three Poems

by Seth Leeper, pandora059@juno.com

Men In Mascara

I'm over mourning women
Now I'm castrating men
They're pissing me off left and right
I don't have time for adolescent behavior
Though we're all reduced to infants toward the end
I'm gonna go find Venus and give her a good talkin' to
She'd doesn't seem to like me
And I want to know why
Then I'm gonna go to Mars
And give him a piece of my mind
This isn't paradise
And I'm not a bitter romantic
I'm just a boy
Waiting for someone to climb up my walls
And talk to me
Maybe I should stand on a mountaintop
And shove them off
But then what would that bring?
The fire is rising
And I'm yelling loudly
But no one sees
I've chained myself to the top of this volcano
And I'm jumping in
I just wish there was someone here to catch me before I dive in
I've got ten million men in their mascara standing on either side of me
Now feel free to burn them
If they laugh at me
Let me be
Let me be
Falling into a tree
Let me be
I can't see
Just let me die comfortably


The Other

Through and through
I'm falling over
Falling off my feet

Here and there
I'm dripping out
I've been spit out of me

Looking in then looking out
No one is inside me
The windows are absent
Gone is the me that used to occupy
The hollow hole

Things are mixing inside
Ideas jump then take flight
Then whither at the realization
They've been there before
In the other me


Time Apart

So much time apart
Takes toll on my heart
And after my fever ends
I feel colder than before
And after I let you in
After you reappear again
It feels so different than it did before
I'm contemplating shutting the door

And if I let you go
Would I feel better than before?
After I shut the door
Would I feel emptier inside?

But I have to do what feels right
I can't deny this fight
Over what's good and what's right
I have to listen to my heart within
And parting is only deep sorrow
What are the benefits?
I don't understand why you don't comprehend

So much time apart
Took toll on my heart
And after my fever ended
I felt colder than before
And after I let you in
After you reappeared again
It felt so different than it did before
So I had to shut the door

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