April 2001

I am not sure what all of this is about, but it was a long time coming I do believe. I do know however, that this is not about you, though I can say I do hope you all find something in it.

Good doesn't always triumph. (Though cartoons do tell us otherwise)

Even the most beautiful people will be hurt. And at times they will be hurt the most. Don't dismiss this fact.

We are alone, even in the best of company. We are always alone, don't forget this either. Only harm will come when you think otherwise.

It is not necessary to love someone in order to tell them you do, but it is preferred. To cry for love seems inevitable. We will try because of love. One can never truly be in love if they are the only one. One should not focus on finding love, because it will not come. Sometimes we fight the idea of loving another because we just don't want to love at that moment. We will all know what love is. It might just take some time to see it clearly. If you ask for love, you will get it, but not always in the way it is asked for. Someone might not love you the way that you love them, that doesn't mean they don't love you with everything they have.

We will all know what friendship is. Not everyone is as good of a friend as you want them to be. My 100% is possibly 90% to someone else.

In the end you will get what you want, if you want all that you can get.

We do not try hard enough. We do not care enough. We have all been quick to judge. Try to change this.

It is hard to look at something with someone else's point of view. It is good to try to do it though.

Even the evilest person is a sweetheart to someone. That one who you wish would get defamed in some fashion, because he hurt you, he doesn't always know he is that big of a jerk. He has his own problems and is his own demons, most likely you will only contribute to his pain, and his anger.

Everyone has been hurt, even if you can't see it on their face. Even the most self-centered people are struggling with their own self-hatred, this makes it even harder for them to deal with the hatred others give to them. Everyone is searching, don't live so selfishly that you overlook that.

Everyone lives a life of lies to someone. We are all pawns in many games.

One can never be totally honest, because we change our minds so much that truth of 2 minutes ago is not the truth of this minute. We are not always honest because we don't want to be. In some cases we are not honest, for if we were, we would be letting people into our lives that don't deserve that. We can never be whatever we need to be in order to be happy, without hurting or misleading someone. We will never be the best because we do lie.

I know what it is to be a stereotype. We are all stereotypes. Even those who say they are far too complex to be a stereotype, they are the anti-stereotype stereotype. Trust that any stereotype is what it is because someone was who they are.

We are all fools. We are always lost. We are all age focused. We are all in need. We are always growing up. It is always time to grow up.

We are mature. We are still children. We are emotional.

We are defined every second of everyday by each action of ours, though we do lie, so the definitions might be incorrect.

Music gives a voice to all of us.

Not everyone can handle what they wish for.

I am not always favored. I disappoint. I am okay with that, mostly because I don't disappoint myself too often.

I am always right, because I am the only one who needs to believe me in order for me to be right.

I can never be too much of anything, I am always myself. Though I cannot say what it means, I am me.

I am ultimately a fatalist. I know that it all happens for a reason. If something is worked for, it will be worth all of the trouble in the end. I will not go to hell. There is such a thing as reincarnation. God is love. I am love. God is anything you want God to be. I am the creator of my own religion, because religion is something a person believes in devotedly. Pop culture has its way of twisting all spiritual truths.

Happiness is a personal thing. Everything is about interpretation.

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."--Anais Nin

~ Josephine

This is me, can you tell? Do you love me yet? Give it time. Just let it all sink in. Josephine is a 17 year old bi chick living in western Washington. She tries not to speak bad of others, for reasons found above. She has just looked at the calendar and wonders what the hell is going on, Easter Sunday is the 15th, that is too far into April. She was hoping for a candy fix around the third... hmmm, oh well. Recently she has very much developed a Goo Goo Dolls obsession to go along with her obsession of The Wallflowers and the Counting Crows. She is not a morning person, and couldn't recite a line from any movie, even if she has just finished watching it. Check out what is put into the A&E section, and as always, feel free to email almost anything to her at EmbezzledEmotion@hotmail.com. Oh, yes, this too: Remember to do something you love at least once a week, otherwise you will turn into someone you cannot live with.

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