Nick of New York

April 2001

So I haven't written in awhile, but I still read other articles in a meek attempt to keep up w/ things. I just watched popular today and it had a great episode. Everyone was making fun of this new kid who was gay and this one girl decides to stand up for him, she challenges the fact that teachers ignore the word fag when it's just as degrading and insulting as (please excuse my use of this politically incorrect word) nigger (sorry). She ends up forming a gay-str8 alliance which no one will go to because they don't want to be accused of being gay. In the end everyone ends up facing a form or racism and join the club which ends up anti-prejudice in general. Also a couple people get hurt alnong the way for standing up to the social injustices which shouldn't be ignored and getting back at all the places/people in society who impose such injustices apon others. (oops, I guess there's kind of a few run-ons.)

Like I said earlier, I still read the articles. SOOOO in regard to (damn, I can't remember his name he is so insignificant..).I think maybe its like TJ or Tommy or something,....Well any way, Fuck You Too. Its not my fault you can't get none you superficial, shallow, arrogant, pompous a$$ hole prick... Your like what 13-14, I'm almost 17, so ah watch what you say in both e-mails to me and in your articles. I'll admit it was wrong of me to voice my opinion on your superficiality in my article but give it up and don't e-mail me alright!?.Is that Ok you superficial shallow short shit smelly shit scented slut! Ha look I can use alliteration too, so Bam (hay look I even threw in some onomatopoeia as well!).

Oh well now that I have that out of my system.... C-yall, peace... take care...

Feel free to e-mail me (unless you're TJ/TOMMY (whatever your name is you know Who u r) cause you (TJ?TOMMY? can kiss my ass))

Is there an emoticon for bitch slap? 'cause if there were I would put it right here--> <--for TJ/Tommy. *LOL* (mostly in Tj/tommy's face). take care



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