April 2001

On Writing, Life, and the All-Important Sylvia Plath...

Writer's block--the scourge of all aspiring writers! Not to mention a wet blanket on penning an interesting column. So, what better to do than just type whatever comes to mind? I believe it's called brainstorming. Although, I've never really liked storms in my brain...they can be dreadfully disrupting to the thought processes...and they give me one of those stressful "tension throbs" in my head. It almost makes me want to cut off the top of my head and massage my lobes (kinda like in "Hannibal"--whoops, *spoiler alert!*). Now that was one heck of a movie! Why is it that the older actors (Sir Anthony Hopkins and Sir Sean Connery, for example) are so much better, indeed, sexier, than newer versions? However, this seems to apply only to older men actors. Personally, when it comes to female actors, I definitely prefer the younger models! Particularly ones like Catherine Zeta-Jones! It's a damn shame she's with Michael Douglas...if you've ever seen "Entrapment" or "The Haunting", you probably feel the same way! And don't forget "The Mask of Zorro"! Okay, enough of that.

Anyway, right this very instant I'm sitting in a library supposedly doing research on Sylvia Plath for a paper due in April. Of course, I'm going to wait until the very last minute possible to do it...there's nothing like squinting at a computer monitor at two in the morning, coming up with paragraphs that could only have been inspired by some higher muse...suffice it to say that the adrenaline rush when you finish it right in time (and it's perfect) is beyond description. I do my best writing late at night, sipping mello yellow and humming along to "Butterfly" by Crazytown or whatever happens to be on KISS FM at that moment. I'm sure many of the loyal readers of Oasis can relate...what with all the high-schoolers and college folks.

Anyway, back to Sylvia Plath. Without question, she is one of the most amazing contemporary writers...to be specific, she is a GODDESS! Which is, of course, why I chose to write a whole paper on her. For my last research paper, I wrote on Dante Aligheri...only the most fascinating artists will do! I am learning so much more about Plath than I ever thought could be possible! Plath is probably luckier than everyone stuck on this earth...she's found herself, I think. Which is precisely what I wish to do someday. She is my guide now, much as Virgil was Dante's guide in the Divine Comedy. And who is my Beatrice? I don't know now, but I know she's out there, and I'll find her before I die, I'm sure.

This is short (interestingly enough, most of my columns are short), but I have the feeling that I've said enough. No, there's no astounding revelations here, and the meaning of life is probably is someone else's column...anyway, just remember that sometimes, you need to stop and smell the daisies and fiddle around with just writing stuff...see, that can be therapeutic!




Here's a joke that my good friend sent to me..."what is better than roses on your piano?...Tulips on your organ!!!" Ha ha ha...just thought I'd share it with you!

"What a thrill--

My thumb instead of an onion
The top quite gone
Except for a sort of a hinge

Of skin,
A flap like a hat,
Dead white.
Then that red plush."

--from "Cut" by Sylvia Plath

A dainty little thought, n'est pas?



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