Letter from the Editor -- April 2001

Another crazy month... Oasis got a spike of media attention this month for old profiles we did of Tom Beddingfield. At first, people were asking us for permission to rerun photos of Beddingfield and when he wasn't returning many of their calls, many outlets started quoting from Oasis, as well as questioning why we didn't confirm everything he told us with three independent sources. (if they can't get what they need for this story, I should have nailed down everything for them three years ago, they seem to think)

Anyway, with that fiasco over, the rest of the month ran smooth. No major drama. Just busy as usual. Redesign is moving ahead slowly, as I've been swamped at work. But it needs to happen soon. We'll see...

Also, there have been issues lately with some of my e-mail through oasismag.com, so hopefully everyone who submitted something this month got it posted. Hopefully this situation will be fixed soon.

Oh well, time to post this issue online. No use holding it up by writing a longer letter...




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