ICQ Gay Week Event To Be Held in Montreal

Nations Interconnect.Inc Ltd. in association with Gaycrawler and Arobas.net is proud to announce the official opening of the Web site http://www.icqgayweek.com that will compliment the site of the 1st Annual International ICQ Members’ Meeting http://www.icqmeeting.com. This international event that will take place from August 17 through 26, 2001 will assemble several thousand users of the ICQ Internet chat program. To date, nearly 1000 participants from 70 different countries have already registered.

In order to serve the gay and lesbian community who use ICQ, Nations Interconnect.Inc decided to find partners who were established in the Montreal gay community and, together, they have prepared a list of activities catering to the interests of the community. These activities will be displayed on the new Web site.

Participants who have already registered or who will register for the Meeting and who would also like to obtain the V.I.P Passport for the ICQ Gay Week can get it for half price on the general event Web site http://www.icqmeeting.com. For those who only wish to participate in the Gay Week activities, the passport is available directly from the Web site http://www.icqgayweek.com at the price of $100 CAN.

A portion of proceeds of the ICQ Gay Week will go to an assortment of gay charitable organizations in Montreal.

The 1st Annual International ICQ Members’ Meeting and the ICQ Gay Week represent, most of all, an opportunity for ICQ users to “physically” meet their virtual friends with whom they communicate on a daily basis but who are dispersed throughout the world. Nations Interconnect.Inc Ltd. is helping them to meet, once a year, in a different country, in order to solidify their ties and also to create others. With the theme “From Virtual to Reality”, the Meeting will found a physical community formed of people from different races, languages, cultures and sexual orientations.

Hosted by the Gaycrawler Web site, http://www.icqgayweek.com will diffuse information and news to Gay ICQ users who wish to participate in the event. Arobas.net will be taking care of online transactions. Once again, Montreal is showing its dynamic, avant-garde character through events for the gay and lesbian community

More will be unveiled at the April 5 press conference at the Hôtel des Gouverneurs, Place Dupuis.

This event is a presentation of Nations Interconnect.Inc Ltd. a private corporation, and not of ICQ or its affiliates.

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