Two Poems by Josephine


I do not have a life.
I have a series of actions I perform time and again,
like a caged animal.
I have no pleasure,
for there is never nothing but pain.

It is not realistic to believe in love,
It is nothing you can see.
Faith is a tool used to heard the masses.
Hate breeds only fear.
I do not have a life.
I have a show.
I am a performer.
So these are only fake tears.


I am not free
I am not free at all
These walls are so much like a cage
As all walls are these days

Independence is a lie
An illusion

Murder is nothing

I am not free
I have never been
It is not allowed
No matter where you are

Beauty is a tragedy
A false hope

Life is nothing

I am not free
I will never be
These tears always fall
This is the way it is

Freedom is unattainable
A lost idea

Death is nothing


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