May 2001

Do Ya Do Ya Do Ya Feel The Love Tonite?

That is a line from the song that I have grown to love. The song was playing at the bar I go to when I arrived this last Saturday. This just wasn't any old Saturday. this was my return to clubbing. You see. I promised myself I would write a positive themed article for May. This I will do. However, my return to clubbing has to be mentioned. Why did I stop clubbing you ask? Well. Plain and simple. I had the shit beat out of me and was in the hospital for 3 days with fractured ribs, a bruised heart and lung. It was Not a Gay bashing of any sort. The guy who did it was gay. I did not go clubbing for 2 weeks. When I did return. I did not dance a lot or over exert myself. Even now, three weeks later, I am still very sore. But "I will Survive," as the disco song goes!

Spring Has Sprung

I was walking to work the other day and noticed something on one of the lawns I passed. Fresh blades of grass growing up through the old dead stuff. What a wonderful sight, I thought. I smiled and continued walking to work. Springtime to me is a re-birth. Time to rejoice and behold the beauty of life. In Halifax, where I live, Spring is when the Public Gardens are once again reopened after the winter. Every year it is as beautiful as ever. The flowers, the trees, and the little kids feeding the birds. This is one of places on the planet that I find the most peaceful. The other place I found peaceful as well was on the top of Mt. St Hillaire (located 30 kms south of Montreal QC). I hiked to the highest point with four close friends in July 1998. I was astounded by the site of the low land all around and the great city of Montreal rising in the distance..... it was breathtaking.....

The Black Party

Well here in Halifax the local Gay bar once again had another theme night. this one was called "Blackout" there was minimal lights at the bar... MINIMAL.... very little lights on the dance floor and basically none anywhere else at the bar...The bar was done up as though it was the aftermath of a power black out and rioting had taken place... I had a blast. Surely one of the best things that went on this last month.

Well that's about it for now

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