May 2001

“My Ongoing Efforts to Become Famous”

I’ve made it a recent goal of mine to obtain fame. Wherever I can.

I’ve created a three-pronged attack to aid with this quest for fame.

Number one: Write more.

This may seem simple and obvious, but it’s necessary. The more I write, the greater my body of work, and the better the odds that someone will like something they see of mine.

Number two: a Web campaign.

Huh? I hear you ask. Yep, I’ve decided to launch a grass-roots movement to send people to my Web site. I listed my site with several different Web directories, including a queer one, a straight one, and somehow, don’t ask me how, but at yahoo.com, try typing in “elliot lane” as a search word. Sure enough, there I am. Top of the list. I’ve also been linking up with other writers online and having them link to my page. The hits on my site have increased steadily. I also commissioned a banner for my site from a friend of mine. That should help draw some attention.

Number three: a friends campaign.

I’m telling everyone I know about my writing. I’m meeting their friends who are into writing, and then I’m meeting their friends’ friends. You get the idea. It’s a writing community, and through it I hope to meet someone who knows someone in the business. Maybe get Time Warner or Knopf to bid on my first book. That’d be kind of cool.

The cool part of all this is finding new stuff while I’m at it. I’m discovering new writers online and thusly, new communities of writers. People I had no idea ever existed. And I’m reading some really profound stuff. Stuff that inspires me to be a better writer. There’s some people out there who may mock my efforts and call them futile.


But for now, I’m having a gay old time doing it.

Later campers,


Elliot Lane, 23, is a writer, poet, prophet, and know-it-all who resides with his bitch of a sister in Boca Raton, Florida. Email him at: kalelliot@hotmail.com. Check out his site at http://elliotlane.editthispage.com. Love him. Fear him. Await his return. Be in awe of his splendor. Most of all, write him.


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