Craig Perry

May 2001

Greetings to everyone, when you will be reading this it will be May and I will be out of University and looking for a job for the summer. May is one of my favorite times of the year and I hope you all will be enjoying it as much as I will be.

Anyway, last month I asked you all to think about religion and God, (what else is new?) not in a way that is fundamentalist and irrational, but in a way that is open, understanding, and above all, an attempt to maybe reach a better understanding of who we as people are and who God may be.

I hope everyone out there who enjoys a challenge has given God a little more thought, or at least man's so-called idea of God or the divine.

I wish to tell you briefly why I believe in God and consider my religious beliefs to be important to me. And why I believe that God should be something that is more important to people in a society that often doesn't have time to look beyond ourselves.

I have always believed in God. Most of that comes from childhood upbringing in a conservative Protestant home. However, I have not really fully realized who God is to me until more recently in my life. Why then do I believe in God in a world that sometimes would like to believe that there is no God. One of my primary logical reasons is that humankind has always believed in a higher power. It was the only logical reason to come to any conclusion about the world we live in and why strange things happen sometimes. Now that we live in a world of science, it seems hard to find God sometimes, but I would like to argue that it is far more easy to find God than it used to be. I mean just look at how much we do know about the world we live in. It is truly incredible and there is such an undeniable order to it. If the universe was purely random chance then it would have had to have gotten it wrong more than once.

I mean, evolution has no other option than to have the world a chaotic mess. Everything about it would have remnants from a previous stage of evolution. Our bodies would have so many parts that were useless and serve no function and be evolving new parts that are to have a function in the future. But no, over the many thousands of years we know how humans appeared they have remained identically the same. The very nature of random chance implies that many options present error and only one present a correct product. But the world has worked in perfect harmony for the past several billion years and appears to have no reason to start changing either. I mean if the world was evolving wouldn't have witnessed at least ONE major evolution within the recorded human history of this world? Now I'm not saying the world was created in 7 days, that is not true in my perspective, but I do believe that God did have complete control over the creation of the universe and left nothing up to random chance.

I am assuming now that our universe and world has a creator. If you wish to deny that the world has a creator, then do speak up and e-mail me or something, because I don't see how that could be a logical scientific conclusion. Maybe my argument was not perfectly sound. You could write several books on this issue and still not have scratched the surface. I'm sure that many of you would object to this, but that's ok, just be able to prove your point beyond any reasonable intelligent doubt and you will have a valid point to make. But for the rest of us billions of deists and theists in the world, we shall continue on in ignorance and complete this article.

I believe in God though, not for scientific reasons, but for sociological ones. I have seen how great an influence religion has been on our world since its very beginning. Through civilization it has been the religious that have shaped and formed the world we live in. Our society is unavoidably based on the belief in God and of the general morality that results from that belief. I have also seen the results of belief in God affect individuals lives. This I believe is the greatest witness to the presence of God in our society. This is my primary reason for belief in God, because I can witness the fruit thereof.

This is also why I believe religion is vital to my life. It adds a sense of purpose and order to it. That I can look at the world and see it as a beautiful place formed by a loving Creator. That I can share in fellowship with other people and put aside prejudices and hindrances because of our unity in love for God. That I can follow after I higher purpose in my life that is beyond myself. I believe that all the post-modern pushes in our world can only be truly brought about through belief in God and the upholding of religion in our society. Globalization, liberation, unity, feminism, environmentalism, etc. All these things are widely held now among the world views of many people, however many people leave God out of their world view and then these ideas have no order or unity and eventually will fall apart.

This is why religion is a vital part of my life. Because in the end I want to help make this world a better place, and after all, all you need is love.

"Beloved let us love one another, because love is from God, everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love" 1 John 4:7-8

Well as always give me your thoughts, and I will do my best to continue to give you mine.... until next month, God bless you all,


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