May 2001

Tra la, it's May, the marvelous month of May! I love May, it is one of my favorite months in Spring; probably because it's the only spring month when we don't have snow up here.

I seem to recall from last month's article that many people were writing about bigotry and how different people face it. Well, instead of sending each and every one of you (for example, I think Jay wrote one of these last month) I am going to tell you my spin on bigots. As you all know, I live in Hicktown, USA. The wonderful place where you class will have 130 people in it and 20 will end up graduating. You can probably tell that these people aren't the sharpest spoons in the drawer. It is because of this ignorance that the New York Hillbillies think that gays and lesbians are bad people. Thus, names such as "queer, homo, fag, dyke, etc." are quite the insult in my school. It is because of this ignorance that causes these people to act this way. They have no idea, or at least don't care, that when they say these things, they might hurt the feelings of other people.

About a week ago, one of my best childhood friends (who is very Catholic) was walking behind me and said "Ben is a hoooomo". I really wanted to say to him "very good Brandon, since you know the basics already, can you say the alphabet?" But of course, for safety issues, I have to keep my mouth shut because the only open-minded people at this school are girls. I hate the fact that I can't help these people understand. It was a novelty to one girl in my chemistry class when she found out that homosexuals aren't the only ones that can get AIDS.

Why do straight people always think that gay guys have effeminate, lispy voices? There is a running "joke" going on at my school started by one stupid guy that shall remain nameless where he starts talking in a "gay" voice and all of a sudden all the guys are talking like that. And can I do anything about it? NOOOOOO, because I have to stay in the closet to all but three people (love ya, Laura, Sarah, and Vanessa!) or else I risk getting my face kicked in.

Straight people take all the fun out of everything...well not really, some of them make for good eye candy. Our school has been forbidden from doing Rent for our school musical because of its gay themes. Which really sucks because since I am a senior next year, I would love to do that. Well, that's all I can think about right now. I would like to get some emails, positive or negative. I have a new email address, you can reach me at shepben83@hotmail.com

Peace out.


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