May 2001

Since Nick is whining more than I usually do now, I guess I should be the mature one and stop fighting. But why? I'll write this first so you don't have to read anything else. God the way you contradict yourself....I guess Dan Quayle is your personal hero? And look at that...I'm so insignificant that most of his article is about me, aw. By the way, I'm 16, not that I'd expect you to be able to count.

And sure, I'll talk about emails, like the one you sent me containing a virus that didn't do shit. But of course a honest soul like you would never do that. Or how about this one?

Quote from nick's email to me : "KISS MY FINE ASS YOU UGLY ASS BITCH"

Yea, not pompous at all Nick. Obviously you and the dictionary don't get along too well. By the way, it's called caps lock. Jesus at least I can remember 4 letter names. Oh, but my name's 5, so I guess I can see why you can't. Don't worry, help is out there. Well...I don't know if there's *that* much help.

Bypassing the Idiot to Your Left...

I thought TV had become so repetitive, so boring (Survivor : Survivor II, Making the Band : Popstars, Unplugged : Storytellers, etc.) that it was just filler from now on. Aside from shows like TV Funhouse, That's My Bush, Whose Line Is It Anyways and Daria, of course. But I've been watching too much MTV2 again, and managed to catch Fatboy Slim's new video for "Weapon of Choice". I have to give Christopher Walken so much praise for being that cool. I love this video, it joins 'The Perfect Drug' 'Man That You Fear' and 'Coffee and TV' as being one of my favorites. I was caught totally off guard by Walken's dancing...it is just so perfect. Spike Jonze, I absolve you for the Beastie Boys. Again. I know I did before, after seeing 'Malkovich', but now it's for sure. Which conveniently leads me to believe that Walken is the best, followed closely by John Cusack. Die, die, die Freddie Prinze Jr.

Onwards with TV: I'm noticing that people I used to think were funny and/or talented, really aren't. Especially when they get their own show. Examples: Kathy Griffin, Andy Dick, Geena Davis and on and on and on. I could bring up Joan Cusack's show, but I haven't really watched it, plus I think the result is kinda evident. Denis Leary on the other hand is fucking great. <Network Plug> The Job on ABC, Wednesdays at 9pm. Daria's new season is going strong too. Took long enough to kick back after the TV movie but Daria's finally back. It will be a decidedly bad day when MTV cancels Daria and replaces it with The Britney Hour. Speaking of bitch, I'm now avoiding Pepsi, do in large part to the Spears Queen. Sisqo was too much in the first place.

Back to MTV, although it's not really MusicTV anymore. C'mon, "Butterfly"? Anyways, MTV would probably fare better if it laid off on the talk show parodies. Remember Jim Bruer and his long career at MTV? No? Good, because if you do, your vision's a little blurred. How about the coveted Tom Green? His movie is Freddie Got Fingered. MTV's dismissal is understood I think. But poor Andy Dick...Why did you say yes Andy, why? Just stick to cameos. Grounded For Life has potential, it's good, I like it, but it draws from Malcolm a bit. I don't know if it's a bit too much but we'll see. That's it for TV. Nothing significant. Nothing truly dynamic is happening in music. Too much nasally candy punk, 'better than you' indie rock, and chewy pop for that to happen. Not going to get into Bush2.0. So I guess I'll be back when school's done with.




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