GLAAD Launches AM/FM Activism

New Program To Provide Local Activists With Strategies, Tools To Combat Local Radio Defamation

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) recently launched AM/FM Activism, a community resource program that builds on the success of last year's highly successful Local Laura Activism: Step by Step, enabling local activists to combat defamatory radio programming in their own communities.

"Local radio continues to be a place where defamation and exclusion often thrive unchallenged," said GLAAD Regional Media Director Kevin McClelland. "AM/FM Activism gives local activists access to many of the tools and strategies they can use to develop and conduct education and activism campaigns in their own communities."

AM/FM Activism is broken down into ten phases: Identifying Defamation; Gathering Preliminary Research; Setting Your Goals; Forming a Support Team and a Strategic Plan; Gathering Data, Identifying Audiences and Creating Information; Mobilizing Your Community; Educating Your Audiences; Activating Your Community; and Declaring Victory. The program is designed to be facilitated by GLAAD's regional media managers, who will provide strategic direction, guidance and resources for each custom-built campaign.

"Several people who used Local Laura Activism told us they planned to use it to tackle hate radio in their own communities," McClelland said. "But because Local Laura Activism was so specific to GLAAD's Schlessinger campaign, we wanted to develop a package that could be adapted to take on lots of different formats. AM/FM Activism can be used to address local defamatory talk radio hosts, programs that routinely insult or ridicule gays and lesbians, music stations that play anti-gay music, music dedication shows that ignore LGBT couples, news reporting that stereotypes our community, and other kinds of offensive radio content."

"Although AM/FM Activism campaign leaders will be able to count on GLAAD for resource materials, strategy development and support, these aren't GLAAD campaigns--they're yours," McClelland said. "From start to finish, you'll be able to develop and lead a campaign that suits the needs of your community, and in all likelihood, build a local infrastructure that will serve you well for years to come."

Visit www.glaad.org for an overview of AM/FM Activism, discussions of several campaign phases, and the incident report that activists can use to initiate a campaign in their area.

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