Online reality site has gay participant

Move over Mole. Say sayonara Survivor.

Starfields.com invites visitors to peek into the lives of five college students at http://www.starfields.com. The site launched this week with journals, photographs and videos from participants who have agreed to tell all online. Cast members will also be interviewed on different topics each week. This week's topic: Sex and Love.

Starfields.com is reality-you can interact live with the participants through email and by rating their Starfields-whenever you want, and however often you want.

This is a game to become a celebrity. These individuals will be rated on their entertainment value. The cast is diverse, with one member being a gay 20-year old studying journalism and philosophy, and another participant being a music major who sings opera and has a shoe fetish.

So if you want to see more, come play the game at Starfields.com....

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