Two poems by David-Matthew Barnes


He comes home later
With flowers and a kiss
He loves me so much
When we fight like this
I pray never again
What did you say?!
He's so tired of things
Always going my way

So I forgive him
Like all the times before
He was so surprised to see me
When I opened the door
I lay at his feet
And I polish his crown
I steady the earth
As he breaks it on down

I hide in my room
I finish my book
I'm laughing at God
For the blow I took
I drive the car
When he gets too smashed
But I would've been happier
If we would have

*Originally published in "In Your Face!" (NYC)

Waiting For Words

To The Bisexual Man:

Is it too much to ask?

I sit here with
Soul jelly rolling
Down my sour face
While you toil
In your acrobatic
Cocoon, Crap
Conversation will not
Kill you
Deaf, Mute

Lame letter
You send in place
Of syllabled
Little coo-coo
"I can't handle this
I'm all confused
And messed up in my
I'm so sorry
Don't hate me
Date me
Or make me
Feel bad for not
Telling you what you want to hear

I told you not to have expectations"

Disappointment is my pillow, babe
But your nite-lite visions of
The big, bad bogey man
Who might force you into
The dark pit of commitment
Is a sucker story of shallow
Shitty self-pity
Get your ass off of the fence
Open your mouth
Bury all my failed attempts
With your eschewed eloquence

Is it too much to ask?

You've got me
Clinging and clapping
Carouseling around the corners
Of the shreds you feed me
I chew up the cud of the
Constant reminder
That you call yourself a poet
But yet, you have no heart
No shine
No thrill
No bite

I swallow your vacancy
Throw up a new verse and ache
The anger comes
From the empty hand
Which you see fit
Not to hold
And the silence that you
Blanket yourself with
Is the comfort that will
Smother you to a quiet death.


David-Matthew Barnes is the writer and director of the Latina-themed film, Frozen Stars, which stars Lana Parrilla of ABC's "Spin City" and will be released nationally in 2001. Excerpts from Barnes' stage plays have been featured in The Best Stage Scenes of 1999 and The Best Women's Stage Monologues of 1999 (Smith & Kraus Publishers). In recognition of his AIDS-related teen drama, Somebody's Baby, Barnes received the 1997 Elly Award for Best Original Script. He lives in Chicago and can be reached at DNPACProductions@aol.com

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