As Queer As I Can Be

By Jonathan, pikeydude@yahoo.com

A time when innocence and naive were in mind,
Of both eyes to see the world with hope and glory,
By destiny and by chance, two guys you will find,
Smiles and greetings were starting of their story.

As the sun set to the west on countless times,
Their feelings flourished eternally in spring,
Tears wiped and laughters are valued like dime,
Glitters in the eyes make both lovers bind.

Joy and flames to the world came rushing,
Lights of their love promised not to depart,
The winds blown by cupids strongly came gushing,
Friends so tight, nothing will break it apart.

An unforgettable afternoon was unfold to the diary,
Room silently locked and lights sneaked by the curtains,
Dark secrets only four walls of the room will bury,
What will happen next, no one can be certain.

Walls crumbles and true emotions revealed,
Love and lust boils enhancing humid air,
Naked vulnerable, such sights were so ideal,
Thrusting and shaking with each brush of hair.

Moon and sun rise shines every single darkness,
Heaven and earth witness every single night play,
Touches and kisses arousingly maintain their closeness,
Holding hands together, modeled like a couple in clay.

A time where studies no more feed the passing hours,
Adult life with works occupy their available time,
Working life with less fun together they can devour,
It is the corporate ladder they want to climb.

Words, wisdom and ideas only shared by the nights,
New friends and acquaintance creeping into their life,
A closeted world no longer shared so tight,
Time together hugging and kissing went to a dive.

A tragic and disastrous message creep into the bones,
Words drops from the mails that separation was inevitable,
Questions upon questions floated to ask the reason why,
Over the sun rays, the message was left on the table.

An answer lost in abyss, it is so hard to find,
Aching so sore and head pounding with sorrow,
A misery so deep, dead was all in the mind,
Thin line of life drifting like the sparrows,

But secrets remained and sorrow played by the day,
Loving guys a sin with great difficult to be unfold,
To be damn as a gay a price not willing to pay,
Through this poem, a tragic and mishap moment is told,

Daily life progressed wearing mask on the face,
Hatred and lost friends once closet is deployed,
A disastrous risk no one would dare to face,
Forever maintain ideal image of this much loved boy.

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