June 2001

Well, hello everyone! Did you have a great April? Hope so...

For those who were interested, the play went well. This is going to be a short article, kind of, but I do have a question for everyone out there, before I start rambling again. When did you realize you were homo-/bi-sexual? Please send answers to tgbfgh@yahoo.com. Well, guess what? I have a boyfriend now, although he lives a bit away from me. We are so similar it isn't funny. Well shall call him, hmmmmm, D.

I have been thinking lately, especially after some theocratic talks with D, about Pride. I asked another friend what exactly he thought Pride was, and here is what was said: "Pride is being pleased with what people like you have done." This is pretty good. But WHY have pride!? It seems so often people try to make a small deal about things like homosexuality, saying we want equal rights and such, but then why have pride? If homosexuality is to be as normal as heterosexuality, then why need pride? How many people do you know are PROUD to be straight? Ok, MAYBE the KKK and other supremacist groups, but they've never felt the lash of someone's tongue or physical blows. And why have Pride? Pride makes people show to the world who they are, and people get hurt that way.... Then my second point, how do you get Pride? Now, I actually would like to know these things,. I find myself with these questions and no answers.


Chad is 15 yrs old, a freshman, a Orange [almost green] belt in Taekwondo and a boy scout.

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