June 2001

Not Quite Kissing Ass

Lately, I've been on the Net less then usual because I never really get any privacy. So the times I could get on, I looked at some of the other queer sites, like XY, Joeymag, etc. So basically, I just wanna thank Jeff (and team?) for being, as far as I saw, completely unique from the rest of online magazine-dom. Unlike XY and Joeymag, I don't have to join the club, or any of that, to be one of the writers. Oasis doesn't have a fashion page or a 'what's hot/not' page and there isn't any random eye candy. That may seem like more of a down than a plus, but I like the distinction. And even though I could have done this completely in an email to Jeff (hey, where are the other mags editor's emails?), I am short on material and thought it was a mentionable note. Thanks Jeff. <wipes brown from nose>

Just Another Ratings Booster?

Ok, so I'm not against Queer As Folk (once again to Jeff). But I really don't like any TV show, or movie for that matter, that has the requisite 'oh I can't believe they dare to put a HOMO-sex-U-al in front of my unjaded eyes' character, which is what most seem to be. Some are exceptions, i.e.: 'Wonder Boys', 'Get Real',' American Beauty' and 'Spin City (I think)'. But only some. Now, this is dangerous, but, I really dislike Will And Grace.

I say dangerous because if my straight friends jump on me for saying that, I know the cults will hunt me. So instead of elaborating, I'll just make a smooth transition to MTV. Again. By now the gay man, or lesbian, or sometimes bisexual, has become a staple of The Real World. Which isn't so bad. But I might only be saying that because of Danny. Anyways, Real World is why some straights say that queerness is just a fad that sets you apart. It's because Real World is so trendy, and if Real World has Danny then it must be cool to be like Danny, etc. It must be nice living in bliss. Also on MTV, regrettably, is Undressed.

After the first season, the concept of a plot was dropped and all that remained was filler. Namely cheap sex scenes. In almost every episode there is: a promiscuous nympho (male or female), a lonely college "good guy/girl", the first time boyfriend, and the first time girlfriend. Honestly, porn has it benefits, and avoiding this show is one of them.

In the wake of the "trend" comes shows like Normal, Ohio (though now cancelled), and Some of My Best Friends Another reason my straight friends, and gay ones too, yell at me is because I loved 'Roseanne'. 'Roseanne' had the first TV 'girl/girl' kiss I saw, and they did it right. They could deal with serious issues and still poke at the ridiculousness of the stigma surrounding it. But now, every TV producer would have you convinced that homosexuality is accepted now, even though that's not the case. So, being queer is ok, as long as you're funny, self-deprecating, stereotypical and not unnerving about it.

Ok, well like I said, short on material, and privacy, which is why I'm still stuck on TV. Hopefully the muses will visit me while I sleep and instill a little more social concern. Or at least something.

Same Bad Time, Same Bad Article,



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