July 2001

Well A LOT has happened since my last article. I did not write one for June because I had a lot going on at the time, etc., etc.

Two weeks ago I was in the hospital. I had been having severe headaches, but not migraines, they doctors decided to have me sent for a cerebral angiogram. (a description can be found here: http://www.ohsu.edu/som-cerebrovascular/angiogram.html#pproc )

The doctors found nothing wrong. But I am still very bruised where they accessed my artery. It's hard to walk and get around because of it. But while I was in the hospital, I had this one song in my head, it's about a journey to me, has deep meaning here are a couple lines:

Walking In Memphis

Put on my blue suede shoes

And I boarded the plane

Touched down in the land of the Delta Blues

In the middle of the pouring rain

W.C. Handy-won't you look down over me

Yeah, I got a first class ticket

But I'm as blue as a girl can be

I thought of this song while I looked down at my feet and seen my little blue booties on my feet while I was being wheeled to the operating room. I wasn't scared or anxious or anything like that. It's unusual for me to be like that. the whole procedure took about an hour. The recovery was the worst part. Not moving my leg or head for 5.5 hours, worst part of that was I had to piss the whole time. And, no, I couldn't go in a bed pan. I tried to go but couldn't... not easy to piss while laying down you know.....

Three days after the procedure was Gay Pride Day in Halifax. The parade was cool, the same as usual, a lot of people were laughing happy and having a good time. Those poor straight folk outside the library when the parade passed got the shock of their lives...... hehhehehehe. The festivities that night were also very well done, although I had trouble getting around cause of my gimped up leg. I still managed to have lots of fun.

This last week was a nice hot humid week here in Halifax. A wonderful week. Of course, I had the time off work for recovery time. Got a nice tan sitting on my step watching the cute boys across the road sunning themselves.,.... heheheheh

Also as I write this, my mom is moving out of my childhood home. I guess I always expected my mom to live there, all those firsts I experienced there, I experienced a lot of firsts in that house, little did I know that this last year would be filled with a lot of lasts there as well. One thing I can think about is that Christmas will not be the same. But dwelling on the past won't make things better. It's better to look to the future for new and better memories.

One thing I swore to myself I would never do is respond to the petty games that people play in this world, the "He said this, the he said that" games to be exact. I came home from work today and checked my ICQ and this is what I found:

HFXGUY SENT: Look what i herd about you today: <Steveboy.> everyone tells me he will fuck anything with a hole in it, likes to play games, fuck people around, etc. etc.

Well, from that message, it is apparent I am getting ass from somewhere, so this is a public plea to all you people out there on the net.... IF YOU KNOW WHERE THIS ASS IS THAT I AM GETTING COULD YOU PLEASE TELL ME SO I WILL KNOW???.... to all those people who say shit like that... and to Steveboy: GET A FUCKING LIFE

Well that's enough for now, I have to stop writing,...... I have a headache.

Until next time,



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