July 2001

A little bit of everything

Hey everyone! How's your summer going? By now I've gotten back from Summer Camp and finished Driver's Ed. June was a busy month! Actually, I think it will be...

A little saying from a friend of my boyfriends: [When someone says being Gay is a choice] When you come here tomorrow Gay, I'll come here tomorrow Straight!

Excellent news many of you probably have heard, but for those that haven't: A study was released last month [what did they study though?] that declared it was wrong for schools to deny protection to GLBT students! Now if any schools will act on this remains to be seen.

I have two topics to cover: Gay Marriage and Politics

I realize that gay marriages have been legal in Vermont for some time now, but what happens at that wedding ceremony? If two men have a 'traditional' wedding, does one walk down the aisle while the other stands up front? Personally, since I have a sense of humor, I think I'd volunteer to do that. I'd also wear a veil with my tux :)

Politics. I read someone's article last month and they kept talking about our new president. As a matter of fact, they kept calling him Shrub [you DO get it, no? it took me a minute]

I really dislike him as a president. I am a firm supporter of the Green party, and this guy just wants to cut all the trees down and sell them. Him and his oil buddies are going to destroy our country, and I'm pretty convinced he's going to get us killed in a war sooner or later. Probably over a petroleum deposit. He refused to make a simple apology to China. Were we really THAT proud that we'd rather have lost thousands of soldiers just so we don't have to say I'm sorry? Didn't Mrs. Bush teach her son to play nice?


Chad is a 15 year old high school sophomore in Hickville IN. He plays violin badly and does a lot of other stuff, mostly badly. He loves e-mail and can be reached at tgbfgh@yahoo.com or you can find him on various computer games....::babbles on forever::

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