July 2001

"Tales from the end of the world..."

June 11th:

I'm glad to be home from Boston. I wish I could make it my home, but until then... a boy's got to love sleeping in his own bed. In case you were keeping track, the woman mentioned about in the previous quote would be (at least for me) Nel. As for that education part, yeah, that's me to a certain extent. At least, it was me.

Moving on...

I have great news.

It involves the world's greatest band of past few years or so. So here goes: CAKE's new album "Comfort Eagle" will be available in stores on July 24. That's a direct quote from Cake's website.

I am so stoked about this.

I simply love Cake, and while I have never seen them live, my sister has and she loved them so much. She's the reason I got into Cake and now I'm totally in love with their music. This is going to rock!!! I love this summer. First AI, then Planet of the Apes and now this! (Oh yeah, not to mention my Boston trip...)

Life is swell right about now.

My boyfriend, love of my life, etc... came over to see me on Saturday before he caught his flight to England that evening. He fucked me and it was awesome. Sex between the two of us just seems to get better ever time we have it. I love that. Then we had so lunch (Stir Crazy) and went back to my place. There, I laid on my bed with my head in his lap. It was so sweet and nice and great. Then as a going away present (?) he gave me great head and swallowed me when I shot. A pleasant taste in his mouth as he traveled, I guess.

June 12th:

I feel very tired today. Mentally and physically. It's just one of those days.

I stayed up late last night watching "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" on special edition DVD. jcr let me borrow his copy, so I could watch it with all the special documentaries and deleted scenes. There was so much stuff, I couldn't finish it all. So I'll have to watch some more tonight perhaps.... we'll see.

Plus, there's restructuring at work. I'm not worried about keeping my job, mind you, I'm just worried in general. It's all very unsettling. It's in a holding pattern of sorts, a kind of "wait and see what happens next" lifestyle that I don't really enjoy. I did get a title change, to the exact same title I held at Kinko's. Not sure if I'm the only one who sees the irony there.

Plus the need for money may drive me into getting a second job. Did I say "may?" There's no probability about it. Barring the lottery (which I don't play) I'm going to go broke soon. A second job is swiftly becoming a necessity of life. And the home situation isn't all peaches and cream either. I need a roommate. Either to occupy the place I'm in now, or to share a different place. Someone who's accepting of my "condition." (homosexuality, that is...).

All this is making me very, very tired. And I just want to curl up with the man I love, or feel a nice cock up my ass, but jcr's still in England. (until Thursday night...). Damn.

I walk down the halls at work and see the "frat-boys" club. Ryan, Corey, and Patrick. All three very cute. All three jock's in the umpteenth degree. jcr gets along with them. For a fag, he tends to fit in well with them. That's because they don't know that he like to suck dick and fuck my ass. I think that if they knew that we spent so much time fucking, that he wouldn't fit in quite as well. But he does. Mainly because those guys are very superficial. You like sports? You're in. You like blondes with long legs and firm breasts? You're in. You follow golf and racing? You're in. You go to FSU or some equally "jock-like" school? You're in. Hell they're our company's answer to a fraternity.

I say all that bitchingly; but what I wouldn't give to be bent over by Ryan, to suck Patrick's cock or to bend Corey over. Grr. So painful it hurts to think about it. Hell, if there's a heaven it's my face being buried in Ryan's crotch for all time. Grr.

Bought the new Blink 182 at lunch today. It kicks ass (and that Mark guy is way hot!)

So perhaps now you can all see just how truly twisted and what a ranting madman I must be in real life. More on this at some other time.

Later campers,



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