July 2001

The Writing Life

I love to write. I always have.

Birthdays tend to have this effect on people. They make a person look over their life and observe. It was the same for me.

Like I said, I love to write. I've written fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, horror, science fiction...I think I could go on. I like to create characters in my mind. I love plotting out where a story will go. My mind just comes to life with ideas.

When my birthday came around (I'm 22, by the way), I looked over my writings and wondered something. What did I have to show for it?

Currently, I have a web site for a spin-off on a sci-fi show called SLIDERS. I've began to write my Oasis column again (this should be my third column in a row...a record for me!!!). I typed letters to comic books. Of all of my stories, there's only one story that's finished to a point I feel it could be sent off. It's an interesting short story about a man's deal with a sinister person. Most of my stories are in different stages of the rewrite process.

This observation bugged me. All of these years and all I have to show for it is one story. What's up with that, I thought. I thought by now I would at least be in writing contests.

I decided it was time for a change. If I really loved writing as much as I said, I just shouldn't talk about writing. I should write.

I see the signs. I haven't missed a month of Oasis yet. My web site continued to be updated...slowly. I've started to look for contests over the 'Net. I've currently trying to get that interesting short story into a contest. Also, I've working on a novel having to do with the love between two guys and the otherworldly forces that tore them apart.

It's fun to be back in the swing of things. Hopefully around this time next year, I've have more to celebrate on my birthday than just my age. I can celebrate the fact that I'm a writer who is actually out there writing.

Now if I could think of a title for that novel...

(who's web site is www.angelfire.com/ky/sliderspinoff for any SLIDERS fans out there)

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