Letter from the Editor -- July 2001

It is so great finally having John Cameron Mitchell in Oasis. I am an admitted Hedwig fan, ever since I got to see John perform the role Off-Broadway. I wanted to put him in Oasis then, but he was about to stop performing the role, so it didn't make since to promote him at that time. When the cast recording came out a few months later, I tried interviewing Stephen Trask, who wrote the music, but our schedules never synced up in time. So, this cover has been a long time coming.

I am so delighted with the movie, because it is such the embodiment of the energy and the emotion and the spirit of the show. If it comes to your neighborhood, be sure to see it the first weekend, so that it gets booked for longer. No need to see the new Hollywood blockbusters, they'll be there another week, but little films like this really need our support. Hedwig is a great word-of-mouth movie, but we need to make sure that when people hear about it, it's still playing in town. So, make sure to go check it out.

Actually, seeing Hedwig at the gay film festival marked the first time I wore makeup. We got a few promotional foam wigs (you'll see what they look like in the movie), so some friends and I put on some makeup to accompany the wigs. I wasn't in drag, but had red glittery lips and red nails. Anyway, I am so proud of all that John has done with this movie, that I will nag everyone I know to see it. And see it as soon as it opens. It is such a delight to sit through,you will have a great time, guaranteed. I know my co-workers and I plan to see it (again) when it opens here, and well... we're still debating about whether we're going to just take the wigs, or do the make-up as well. I'm voting for make-up.

Not much else happening here, did the Pride thing, had a good time. Nothing phenomenal. Started writing my novel, so you can buy that next fall. But I'll have more time to sell you on my novel once it's written. OK, time to push the issue live...




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