By Rainbowboi, rainbowboy@alanis.zzn.com

You tell me I'm beautiful
So I act arrogant
But it is really not there.

You tell me you love me
And I never question that
Although times come when it seems less evident
I still believe you do
But what is it I should say?

My car runs fine
My job is secure
Opportunities are open
And I set still
Not knowing where to go.

A place to go
A place to be me
A father who cares
A mother who can always be there
A ProzakRaver I know I can trust.

Not that is a funny concept
It can lead to vulnerability
And then you can be stepped on
I feel your feet.

A Lizard Skin Hand
Eyes of defeat
The first
The last
Who knows if we will ever meet.

The angels serenade
A prayer from above
Hope, love, peace
The love of my life
And with nothing to say.

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