August 2001

The Battle...

Today it's a battle between my heart and mind, pulling, twisting-each one wanting only its way. What do you do when you love someone so much, he is your everything....he's your dreams, your hopes, he is the one...the one that makes you complete...but with that he brings so much pain into your life. I get mad, make a decision never again will I be hurt by this man...then time passes by, I calm down, I think, I search my soul...I stop and realise, I love him! After everything he did and said, he is still the one...he is the one I want to run to...then one where I want to find comfort...the one I want to be with.

When I get mad at him, it hurts inside-I don't want to do this, I don't want to feel this way! Then I hear his words, "I'm sorry,"...and I can feel the pain from his side, see the tears running down his face. Oh it hurt so much...I don't want him to be sad, and I crumble before him...I cry..."It's okay my love," I whisper...and in my heart when I speak these words, they fill me...and again I feel the love for the man who is my everything...


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