August 2001

Greetings to my fellow Oasisets and Oasisees,

A quaint introduction....

This is my first article, and it seems pretty natural to introduce myself and give you some juicy (...maybe not) details about me. My name is Randy, and I'm not new to Oasis, but I'm new to writing for it! I just turned 19 in July and am looking forward to my freshmen year at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania, starting this August. I shall be majoring in my primary interest (good idea, huh?) which is Computer Science J. Everyone keeps telling me how much money I will make, even my parents, and I find that a bit amusing. It's like "hello! I haven't even started school yet, let alone have a degree and a job!". I hope their optimistic predictions are correct, nevertheless.

I grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania, where I continue to live now, with my mom. I've been a solitary person most of my life, although now I'm beginning to realize how much I love being out with friends. In my self-isolation I've developed some other interests besides computers, but I'm not too active, mind you! I absolutely adore music, and it is a very essential part of my life. I like a lot of pop, but not all, classical, instrumental (like soundtracks from movies) and some new age stuff. I've also had a knack for musical theater in the past, particularly behind-the-scenes kind of work. I was in chorus in high school, but don't think I shall pursue it in college since I'm not sure it's really my thing. I like movies and I love to shop even though I usually have no money! That's about it I guess....I could really go on forever, but if you so happen to be really interested you can check out my personal website (below). I promise I'm not completely dull!

The Religious Right: We're Right, You're Wrong!

Enough about me, onto my real point! For my first column I decided to write about an important and ongoing struggle of mine. I hope this is helpful to someone out there in a similar situation. My topic focuses around reconciling my homosexuality with my parents ignorance on the subject, intolerance, and religious beliefs. Trying to get my parents to accept me for who I am, without thinking I'm living some non-existent sinful lifestyle, is a real challenge! My mom and dad are both extremely religious and quite actively involved in conservative Christian practices. My stepmother is also quite involved in the same culture, but I'm primarily concerned with my biological parents.

My mom found out I was gay by accident. It was never my intention she find out. Nevertheless, she did and she told my dad and sister. It caused a big stir for a few days, but never really changed anything between my parents and I. However, I do know very well that they don't 'approve' of my being gay. This bothers me a great deal and I have a strong desire to change their views. I made a poor attempt at doing just that with my mother several months ago. I think she's still pretty anti-gay. My father is the difficult one, and my next attempt. I think I'm a little more prepared this time. If anyone can assist me, or if anyone desires my assistance-I'm here!

I've compiled an internet "resource packet" which I plan to use when I decide to 'share all' with dad. Check this stuff out, if you haven't already.

I have a few other articles, but lost their original source locations and was not able to retrieve them. At any rate, That's it for now!


P.S. By the way, did you know one of the New[old] Kids on the Block is gay? I'm almost positive its Jonathan Knight. He keeps his life private, he loves to clothes shop and he's an interior decorator! Sorry, I just think it's kind of amusing when one of these guys that millions of girls swoon over is gay.

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