Letter from the Editor -- August 2001

Not much happening in San Francisco, just having a laid back summer, going to the gym, going to work, and writing in the evenings, to a nealry monastic dedication. But somehow it's working, so that's good.

The redesign is ready to go, I'm just raising some money so that I can pay a developer to create the site, rather than me cutting into my writing time, as I'd rather be a writer than a Web developer. So, that's the delay there. Not much else going on, so I'll just let you have at the issue.

I think everyone should read the news item on Fred Martinez Jr., an openly gay Two-Spirit Navajo youth who was murdered, most likely for being gay/trans. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own minidramas, that we forget how bad the world is that we still live in. Every so often, there is a Matthew Shepard and the world is collectively aghast, but for every Matthew, there are others, and the world is a lesser place when we lose any one of our brothers or sisters.




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