Survey examines gay sex/love

I'm currently working on a law review article that, I think, will do something that hasn't quite been done before, at least in legal scholarship:

I'm trying to give men who have or desire sex with men a platform to share their views about the relationship between love and sex, so that I can contrast those views directly with statements the United States Supreme Court has made about sex between men.

Instead of writing an article on the topic from on my own experiences (don't ask) or from generalizations about the subject matter, I thought it was important to ask other men who have sex with men what they think about the expressive values of sex and related conduct. To make that inquiry easier, I devised a short questionnaire on the topic. It would help me enormously if you would complete the questionnaire anonymously on-line. I'll be conducting many interviews face-to-face, but the Internet has enabled me to get the questionnaire out to more people. Using this method will provide interesting results, I think, to compare to the results that I secure through face-to-face interviews.

If you're willing to consider taking the survey questionnaire, please click on the link below, which describes the purpose of the project in a little more detail. The link will also take you to the questionnaire, which you can read over before you submit any responses at the end. It shouldn't take too long to complete.

To get to the survey, go to:


After you've read or taken the survey, please consider forwarding this message to someone else who would be appropriate for the survey and who would understand the importance of collecting the data. The more people who respond to this, the better.

Please feel free to e-mail me at lawjag@hofstra.edu if you have any questions

James Garland, Hofstra Law School

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